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  • Aero,

    I have a Cartel that I wished to add a spike to as well. Found that the Skorten pod bow stand spike is a perfect fit. I think it's Centreshot that sells them seperately. But one of the shops does ( I ordered one some time ago, year or two, was ~?5-6 quid). But I think many of the shops could chase a Skorten pod stand spike for you. Luck.
    to post pictures you need to open a free account with a photo hosting site such as photobucket (google this). Once you have done this you can upload pictures to it. When you have done this you get a line of code for each pic, you copy that line of code into your AIUK post and it comes up as a picture! It's quick and easy and you use it in the same way for other forums, web pages etc.
    Good luck!
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