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  • Hi Ali,
    Hope you are well. Looking for some advice/help in getting a Compound and all the bits. Been looking at the Bowtech Destroyrer!
    Hi Ali, re: Pentangle I've sent you an email.

    Shooting it getting there, but I've not had much chance to shoot outdoors yet so anyone's guess how I'll do this year with the change to compound. Mabe I should stick to recurve.... ;)

    So Mr H finally brought your bow back - was that the Excalibur? Hope he gave you a prezzie by way of thanks! Or were you renting it out to him? ;)

    I'll say nothing about the arrows - just been through a period of trying to find the right spine etc. and although I think I've finally got the right arrows for me, it's been a bit of a trial. Hope the new arrows bring good results - you need to give Mr Kelly a run for his money!


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