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    Compound Bow Compound draw length options

    Hello, I would appreciate your help I am thinking of buying a new bow. Here is the question, my draw length often falls into two (or sometimes three) of the draw length options for any given bow. As an example say my draw length is 27? and I select the Podium X Elite 37 GTX the draw length...
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    Archery Holidays

    With summer coming I am thinking of taking some time of work and going somewhere to shoot. Those of us who went to Lyne Akers (forgive the spelling) will never forget the food:yummy:, facilities, food:yummy: and the welcome, oh and did I mention the food:yummy:? But alas they have closed so is...
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    Shopping for Compound bows in the UK

    Hello, With thoughts turning to a new bow and wanting to try them out, with recurve, most shops have a good selection but with compound it is a little harder. So where do I go for the best selection of bows and best place to try them. Locally I am close to two shops one has a good range to try...
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    Easton Tuning Guide

    For lots of information about arrows and tuning. "Easton Tuning Guide"