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    34” arrows?

    Alternativess appear to have Cartel Triple NEOs which are A/Cs 300s are 34" & 400s are 33.5" BUT beware, Cartel use a non standard spine measurement "the spine is determined as the weight required to deflect the shaft by 20mm with the shaft supported at points 500mm apart ", So you might need...
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    Everything is going left.

    Possibly. How consistent is the string picture? I'm just trying to find a logical explanation for why the group doesn't move when the sight is adjusted. If the sight pin is moved then the bow should be pointing in a slightly different direction at release, and the group should move accordingly...
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    Everything is going left.

    If I understand the original post correctly, part of the original issue is not just that the group is left of center in itself, but that the group doesn't move when the sight is adjusted. Whether the spine is stiff/correct/weak, the button set correctly or not, then surely the group should still...
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    Converting swaged aluminium shafts to uni-bushes - unexpected problems

    A large proportion of our club arrows have been donated by members over a lot of years, and as a result there's quite a mix of shaft and nock types, which when combined with variations on the serving on some of the club strings means it can be quite a challenge to find a set of arrows of the...
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    Anybody with experience of changing from Hex 6.6 to CVX / Hex 7.2 / Hex 7.5 ?

    Bad News - my Hex 6.6s along with the rest of the bow they were attached to was nicked from our field on Monday night whilst I was collecting / plotting an end :gnasher: Good News - it looks like a "personal belongings" part of our contents insurance should cover it, so I should be able to...
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    Nano Max & Border Hex6.6 Stolen - Rothley (Leics) area

    When I turned round from plotting my last end this evening, all that was left on the shooting line was my bow stand & stringer! I can only assume I was being watched to see how long it took me to walk down and plot an end (shooting/plotting 12s as tuning so slower than usual) then they hopped...