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  • Hi Dean - I've not had much time to look at this, sorry for late response!

    Interesting blog entry today - good shooting!

    Hi Anna, it was good to see you again at the ironman shoot, have you thawed out yet?

    I went to arrowhead uk - I take it from this my order didn't work. I 'll call you tomorrow with my order.

    Thanks Anna
    Hi Anna,

    Just read you message about the bags etc!!!
    All you have to do is to go to my web site:
    www.arrowheaduk.com and follow the links to my on-line shop.

    Best regards,

    Old Bloke
    Hi Anna,

    I sent you a freind request the other day so you just need to accept it I think. Or click on 'Befriend Des' on my profile page.

    Well done for today! 531 is a cracking score. Really pleased you're clicker is working well for you.

    What stabilisers did you go for?

    Hi Guys,
    I had a great time, it was a nice shoot even with the weather!
    I was gladto get dried out once I got back to my Mum's.
    Hi Anna hope you recovered after saturday. I think i have just about dried out now
    I'll be your friend.
    Well done last Saturday - Hope you have recovered.
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