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  • Cheers Lawrence.

    Wife's bow should be ok and is in good you say Kevin knows his stuff and it's the main reason I keep in touch with WA.

    Likewise good luck to you with the Apex, not that I think you'll need it!

    Take care.

    Jacqui (my wife - Darkside Lady on AIUK) is shooting a Selena at the moment and wanted something similar, though she is intrigued by the likes of the Alphamax 32 she decided she wanted an Avenger Plus. Though the Avenger+ has been dropped by Hoyt this year Kevin at Wales has offered us a good deal. The Selena will then become a spare bow just in case.

    She accidentally dry-fired the Selena last week, string came off the top cam. No permanent damage other than one of the spacers on the top axle broke. Spoke to Kevin at Wales and he knew immediately what I was talking about as soon as I said "dry fire". Offered to send up the parts but we've decided to send the Selena down to them to get new string/cables fitted to it as well, and he can then post it back along with the new bow. Wales Archery are a loooong way from us, but they're becoming my No.1 archery shop!
    Sorry to hear the VE didn't work out for you. I did get one from Wales Archery based on your recommendation (both in terms of the bow and where to get it from) and I've been very impressed by both.

    Wales have been superb both when I visited to buy the bow & also subsequent to that, to the extent that I'm buying a new bow for my wife from them as well.

    As for the VE itself, I've not been shooting with it long but I'm improving all the time. Haven't been able to shoot with it outdoors due to weather etc. but indoors I'm getting fairly consistent 570+ scores for Portsmouth rounds. Still a lot to work on with form but it's going the right way.

    My VE has the Cam 1/2+, but I was intrigued by the Spiral X cams. I think I'll leave it for now and see how I get on, and maybe get a set of Spiral X cams for the bow sometime next year. Are the Spiral X cams fixed draw length, or do they have some adjustment like the Cam 1/2+?

    Anyway, hope all works out with the Apex 7.

    Hi Lawrence, are you still shooting with the Vantage Elite? How are you getting on with it?

    Hi Rox Star.
    Just thanx for advice.
    My speak is good anough for understqanding.
    Hope so.
    Did archery 15 years then break 2 years since i am here in ireland.
    originaly i am from slovakia.
    On december i buy my baby gmx and all new staff.
    It was hard start again with nice heavy poundage recurve.
    Well there was my natural technik before where i did nice 5th place on european outdoor champs in Finland many years ago.
    Now i do try again for my happy comeback i love archery.
    So i am working and practicing here in ireland with perfect people.
    This forum is fantastic and people are talking wery open.
    Thanx for good advice.
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