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    Compound Bow Cam Timing on Merlin Excalibur

    A friend has had the string/cables replaced on his Excalibur EX40, but the timing is very slightly out. The top cam is under-rotated with respect to the bottom cam. Which cable needs adjusted, and should it be made longer or shorter? Yes, I could just put it in the bow press and try it one...
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    Target Archery: Is Flatbow = Barebow?

    I realise this is probably opening a can of worms (and apologies for posting it here instead of the "Bowstyles" part of the forum), but... :stirthepo ...for the purposes of target archery (NOT Field!), and specifically in the context of the British Barebow (Indoor) Championships, would a...
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    2012 UK Masters Invites

    I know the thread from last year was resurrected a few weeks ago, but I thought it might be better to start a 2012 specific thread. Anyway, has anyone yet received their 2012 invite to the Masters?
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    EAF "English Crosses"

    Wondering if anyone can answer the following question. Are the English Archery Federation Crosses (as shown here) only available to EAF members or are they available to anyone shooting at a competition in England? To be more specific, if I - coming as I do from Scotland - shoot (or have shot)...
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    Hoyt Cams: XTR = Fuel = RKT?

    Subject says it all really...the Hoyt XTR cams appear to be the same as the Fuel cams which replaced them. This year Hoyt has brought out the RKT cams, which have replaced the Fuel cams on the Alpha Elite...but look very similar to the Fuel cams. Anyone know if the RKT are the same as the...
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    Archery GB Website down?

    Looks like the AGB website is down or SNAFU'd in some way...I keep getting what looks like Coldfusion debug info. It's been like that since last night. Anyone else getting the same thing or is it just me?
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    Coaching your 'other half'... it wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend/etc. Is it a good idea? Is it workable? Or is it doomed to end in tears....?
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    MK1 on TV

    ...spotted on tonights STV News report about the AWC Final in Edinburgh. :poulies:
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    Successful Year

    Well, it's coming to the end of my third year of archery, and my first outdoor season since switching to compound, and it's been a pretty successful year. In no particular order: Made Bowman; Got a FITA 1300 Star; Got a SAA 1200 Thistle; Got one MB score (1323) thanks to some fantastic weather...
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    Oldest evidence of arrows found

    Thought some folks here might find this interesting: BBC News - Oldest evidence of arrows found
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    Measuring up for replacement string/cables

    A quick question...I'm looking at replacing the string/cables on my bow, and obviously need to quote the length of these for the replacements. Question is: how should strings/cables be measured - with or without the twists? Or does it matter that much? At the moment the bow has the Hoyt...
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    Beiter Nocks and Navigators/ACGs

    I've been using Beiter Hunter nocks with my indoor (compound) X7s, and I've been quite impressed with them. I'm keen to use Beiter nocks on my outdoor compound arrows. Since I've recently moved across to compound I don't currently have any outdoor arrows, but I'm looking at a set of ACG 430...
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    Easton Shaft Selector 2010

    Now available on the Easton website:
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    Darkside Lady gets Bowman

    I thought I'd post this as I know she won't sing her own praises.... Darkside Lady (my better half) has achieved Bowman in her first outdoor season. She managed to get her final score on a very wet and fairly breezy Sunday at a Hereford for the Pentangle event up here in Scotland (she was...
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    Help: Tollgate Fletching Jigs

    Hi everyone, Not sure where was best to place this but opted for here.... I have a few Tollgate fletching jigs - you know the ones I mean. Simple but effective, and fine for fletching arrows for my recurve. However, I've recently turned to the darkside :darkside:, and my wife is already a...