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  • Your welcome.Just hope it helps some of the other guys at the club are now using it on both nexus and helix bows and none of the have found a problem with the grip afterwards.
    Hi Barabus I also use a GMX Ortho and wrap a bandage called vet wrap round this is elasticated and self adeshive and will leave no residue on the riser or grip when it needs to be changed , and it wont affect the grip, it stops the slipping and also absorbes sweat from the palm it can be purchased from any countrywide or equestrian store its normaly used on horses hope this helps
    Hi Simon
    I know both clubs quite well
    I also live in Thorney! in one of the D of B cottages opposite classic cars.
    I wont be at Ely I generally only shoot Fita's or County comps and rarely indoor competitions, if I do then it is normaly in Northamptonshire or Bedfordshire that I shoot indoors, as they run the WRS rounds and my son needs these for his qualifying scores.
    Cheers Nick
    Hello Simon
    From one peterborough Archer to another.
    Which club are you a member of
    Nice to see another flat lander here, I am a member of Nene BowmenNene Bowmen Archery Club Home
    Hope to see you at some of our local shoots
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