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    AGB Range Registration

    Anyone got the right link to register a range? In true AGB fashion on the Facilities Page, where it says "to register a range click here", the click here has no link.
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    Help Identifying Sunglasses

    Hi Peeps, Shooting a comp the other day I noticed two guys shooting with frameless, armless sunglasses. These were tied on around the back of the head with a lace. Does anyone know what make they might have been? Thanks. Rob.
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    AGB tight fisted with Badges?

    I know that AGB will not allow you to down claim badges, so if you shoot a 1100 York you cannot then use further scores to get the badges below that mark. Same principle with FITA awards. Is this just due to cost control and not wanting to hand out badges? I read on Archery Ireland website...
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    Compound feeling with a Recurve

    This may sound weird.....! I shot my first FITA at the weekend. Down to 50m I'd rather forget it! Bow arm all over the place. At 30m I got my mojo back (I'm 37 handicap outdoors, 27 indoors), average arrow score just a tad under 9. The feeling I found felt rock solid. Bow arm and sight did...
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    GNAS Constitution

    Anyone know where I can find a copy of the GNAS Constitution? Tried the website but could not find it. Ta!
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    Crowthorne Archers

    Does anybody have contact details for anyone in Crowthorne Archers? I have been on the website and it has loads of names but no phone numbers or email addresses that I can see. I'm interested to shoot as a visitor as I am working nearby for a few months.
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    Mixing String Types

    I have made a few strings now with reasonable success... I have a quick question - is it OK to mix two string types? I am thinking 8190 with some Dynaflight 97. Will the stretch differentials strand thickness create issues? Any help or experience welcome! Ta.
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    Archery Christmas Team Games

    Every year we have a fun shoot indoor with small teams. I was wondering if other clubs do and if so what games do you play other than popping balloons!!
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    First Medal

    Just got my first medal winning the C class recurve category at the Stourbridge indoor Worcester. Came 4th overall with a score of 277. Well chuffed!!
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    First Year, First Class!

    After finishing my beginners course last October, this summer has been my first outdoors. Shot a double FITA 70 today at Stafford, getting a 459 and 499. Only needed one of these to capture my first First Class. Just missed out on a FITA Target Award too. :-( Next year's target Bowman!
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    Tapatalk App

    Anyone else having a problem with Tapatalk? Tried looking at the forum tonight and it tells me that logging in with Tapatalk is not allowed and contact the administrator!! Is it just me?
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    Binocular Strap (Long)

    When I went to watch the UK Masters, there were a number of people who had nice long plaited binocular straps. These would nicely hang the binos by the hip / bum, when worn over the shoulder. Anyone know where to get them? I have been searching the net but have not managed to find them...
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    First Competition Done!

    Went to my first comp yesterday with my son. It was just a local small shoot and very informal and friendly. We shot a Warwick. Scored 692 which I was happy with, after 9 months shooting and this being my first outdoor season. Everyone was friendly and the judge had a fine old time with the...
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    Which way to Serve?

    I am about to make my first string. I intend to do all serving left to right going over the top of the string. With string on the bow and top to the right I will do the same for the center serving. Twisting the string onto the bow looking up the string I will twist in an anti clockwise...
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    Fishing Line as String Material

    I am wondering if anyone has used Dyneema or Spectra fishing line as a string material? If so how did you go on? Cost wise it is significantly cheaper than the line sold as bow string. It seems a very similar product. Please feel free to say the idea is insane!!