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    Bow fishing

    TT, my air gun license application clearly stated that my use would be for control of rabbits and possibly rats (old watermill near the house) in the garden and the license was granted. The Authorities maybe turn a 'blind eye' to this in Scotland. BillM
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    Wooden Arrows - FOC

    Easton give guidelines for the range of FOC for their alloy and composite arrows. Are there any similar guidelines for wooden arrows and is it as important??? BillM
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    The Glade Magazine

    I've just received my copy of The Glade and there is a good item about AI-UK. Dave actually looks as though he is enjoying himself at the frostbite in December. BiollM
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    British Transplant Games

    There has been an advert for the above games in Scottish newspapers and the "picture" used is of an archer in silhouette. The caption is "Nina Williams has told jokes since her transplant, some of them funny". The Games are scheduled to take place in Edinburgh between 26th and 29th July. Has...
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    Hot Melt Glue

    Does anyone know if the hot melt glue used in glue guns is any good for fixing points. Lidl is currently selling packs of 32x6" for ?1.99 and it might be worth considering. I've only ever used the stuff bought from archery stores. Thoughts please. BillM