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  • Bimble, thanks for your response to my crossbow query, still none the wiser as to why some clubs are okay with them and others not, I still think there's an element of snobbery towards it. Just as there is with other bow types. But why the chip about me not knowing about compounds? I've nothing against compounds and no beef with you so why so confrontational?

    Bimble, I was trying to say thanks on the mobile site and may have reported your post by mistake. I don't think I did but just in case - sorry
    Point mod in my direction if I did, so as I can explain about my hoof hands.
    Hi Malcolm it's Kevin from GAC I was ment to ask u do you have some x10 protours 470s in your collection like odd ones you would like to part with for some money I just have brought 18 of eBay 12 are nearly new and 6 are in good condition bar one just looking to replace it with one or 2 or so just for practice as want to keep the 12 for best

    thanks kindly

    Hi Bimble,

    Can't find the info anywhere - I'm probably looking in entirely the wrong place, but where is the Guildford shoot? It looks like it's starting 11am?


    Simon Axon
    Sorry bimble,

    Misread, Spigarelli instead of Bernardini... guess I'm so desperate that anything italian sounds good.

    Oh well,

    Hi there.
    Talking bout archers paradox. If you go to you, search YONONINDO and click on Archers Paradox, you will see what happens to an arrow that is to week (spine) if fired from a heavy bow. Enjoy it.
    Regards, Steppenreiter
    this is one of the best archery sandwiches i have ever made. it will fuel you all weekend. i suggest bringing a bread knife!!
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