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  • Hi Brian
    Its looking good for me and Ails will be able to make it up on Sunday,so we will pay our fees then if thats ok.If we cant make it i will post the fees on Monday . Hope you and Murial are keeping well.
    Hey Pete, good thing we made the repairs. been pissing down for a month. Holding up well though :)
    Dear Mr. Kupris
    I was given your name by Dave, I am not actually an archer but whilst packing to move house have come across a box belonging to my late father which contains "The Don Harkness Little John Straightening, Fletching and Spine Comparitor (their spelling not mine) Jig". He suggested you might like it (free of course +postage). The instructions which come with it advertise The British Archer magazine at a cost of 18 shillings per annum (c. 90 pence) so it must be at least 40 years old. I hate to just chuck it out and would rather it went to a good home if anyone was interested. I shall hang onto Dad's bow, just for sentimental reasons, but have to clear the decks, so odds and ends like this must go. I'm afraid I haven't been able to insert a pic of it here but could mail you one if you send an e.mail address.
    You may not be interested (in which case sorry to have bothered you), but if you are I will happily post it on to you if you can let me have an address.
    Mistake in my book?-Unlikely! But I have now forgotten where I got that information from! Glad you read it though.
    Best wishes- Mike Hamlett-Wood
    Hi Brian
    If you Google The first Scottish Archery Championships then click on the first entry it will take you to Rays excerpts from old SAA minutes.
    Just a quick thankyou for letting our little Joe (Fairburn) shoot with you when he was up your way. He was full of it when he came back to the club yesterday. Great advert for your club
    Hi Brian

    Just finished your Flemish string. I've not put a centre serving on it I'll leave that for you when you get it on the bow. I'll bring the Dacron etc and teach you how to make one if you want?

    There's a couple of changes for Saturday:

    Maike Cadiz can't reach 90m with his new riser/limb combination and asks if he can shoot the Metric 1 instead?

    Did Alan Jarden mention he was CUL and wants to shoot the Metric 1 too?

    This has all come about from the sight mark arttempts last night :( Sorry.

    Really looking forward to the weekend.

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