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    WRS / BRS Imperial Rounds

    Arising in the Poll "What rounds should count for British Ranking Points?" There was much debate on the merits of World Record Status (WRS) and British Record Status (BRS) toward Ranking. But one question arose for me:- are there any WRS Imperial rounds and if not why not ? And don't give me...
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    Archery E-News from GNAS

    Are GNAS moving into the 21st Centuary? They have just sent out an e-mail with a monthly News letter. Is this a sign of things to come like a more dynamic website and more upto date info?
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    Is this a bank Holiday?

    :grumpy: If you are not sure and are planning to shoot over this weekend, don't be fooled by the start to Saturday, just check out the attached weather warning! :bawling: There are not many warnings like this even in the winter :thumbsdow
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    How to try different grips/Handles

    How to try different grips I want to vary my grip. I have seen threads on how to permanently change a grip but I want to test different angles (high to low etc). Visiting a shop is out, I want longer shooting than 5 mins with each, distance and time is also a problem. I did think of packing a...