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  • thanks for the post on limb alignment. Ive just looked now that Im getting new limbs. However, there isint a video on youtube for target recurve bows...just a thought. Your next venture perhaps?
    Just to let you know ZOE hit another club record for a WORCESTER, the previous was 295, ZOE hit max 300. Another glorious night at archery. champs in Poland cancelled for all juniors due to lack of funds.I think that this is wrong,for such a high profile event GREAT BRITAIN should send a team .All the hard work put in by some excellent young archers over the last few months has counted for NOWT.Seeyou on the shooting line.P.S Alex says hi.
    Cheer up miserable bugger.Some of these nerdy students we shoot with may be running this country of ours 1 day.God forbid.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Where are our t-shirts. c u later take care VIKING
    They are like a pack of wolves on here.Most of them know bugger all bout shootin but they all have opinions they want to express to show how clever they are.Nerdy students seem to be about the worst,specialy the ones who have never had to graft.The sport has always atracted those types,hell we shoot with some of them.c u tmrw
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