My father and I are getting back into archery after a two decade + hiatus. My main interest is in crossbows - I shoot a PSE TAC15i and a Carbon Force 400 - but I also have an old PSE Nova compound, a new Limbsaver DZ36, and a Sammick SKB.

I am actually a mostly retired professional photographer who collects pinball machines, vintage guitars, Zippo lighters, pocket knives, and ex girlfriends. I'm a crumbling old goth who sports a cane thanks to a knee injury, and have been described as "like the evil progeny resulting from an unholy coupling between Dr Gregory House, Hank Moody, and Marilyn Manson". Now there's a home made sex tape that we all want to see.......said no one ever.

Oh, and whatever you do, don't start me talking on any of the following:

1/ Religion
2/ Philosophy
3/ Firearms
4/ The paranormal/occult
5/ Fashion
6/ Politics

Sleeping, avoiding responsibility, and shunning IRL human interaction.
Surrey, UK
Gentleman and evil genius
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Oderint dum metuant.