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  • Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your post on Bow Wood Suppliers, that really helped loads. Do you perhaps know where I can get Bamboo poles from to turn into to backing strips for AFB or possibly build an all bamboo bow / Horse bow? I have found some places on the net, however I want to be able to choose my own poles.


    Hi Dan,
    Can you give me the full bamboo arrow build details what glue you used for the nocks and piles, what glue for the fletches, as I noticed that you had also bound them on . What was it like to cut to length and what finish did you put on them or are they unfinished .You also spoke about building some up self nocked will you put some thread on to stop them splitting as bamboo has a tendency to split down the grain
    I hope your wife is feeling better.
    All the best Stephen..
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