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  • Hello Stranger !!. Would have been easier to track you down if you spelt your name right!! :cheerful: Heard an interesting rumour about you a few months ago !! better check your PM's :rotfl:
    Hi Chris
    I dont know why your message didnt flag up on my page when I visited this site on Monday. I know you have now got the instructions. THey might help if you can understand the korean version of english.
    Hmmm, picking a favourite, i dunno. I love revenge of the sith (because its so vital to the story) But Return of the Jedi is awesome!
    absolutely, very cool! i mean how could you not be cool with a double ended lightsabre! Although phantom menace is probably the worst of the star wars films!
    It's great, he can't roll yet so can't escape! I have an 11 year old son (he used to be my field shooting buddy!) a nearly 9 year old daughter, and a 5 year old son, as well as Oscar. My daughetr and I are outnumbered in this house!
    I'm hoping to offload my secretarial duties for a while, but am sure I'll return to the fold before long! Flighty the 4th is 4 months now, and growing all the time. He's too yummy for me to be parted from just now though. :)
    Hi, I'll pass on the compliment re website, thank you! Nothing to do with me sadly, in fact I have little to do with anything club related these days, so can't invite you to the Anniversary shoot, I'm afraid! Having babies is loads of fun, but does nothing for my sporting progress LOL
    Someone on the target next to me forgot to shoot at all 3 faces, so put three in the centre one in the gold, so only ended up on 9.

    516 for the FITA (with a miss - not had a clear round yet on a 3-spot) and was actually my PB so have to be pleased with that.

    For the National I shot a 580, didn't have any sight-marks for either distance, so again really pleased. Only 20 off my all-time PB so happy with that as well, because for the first two ends I shot a 44\40 while I tried to find a decent sight-mark.

    See you on Wednesday.
    Oh yes! :cheerful: I left practice last night grinning from ear to ear! It felt really good and now I know the equipment is good I can also feel what needs working on in my form - strange but true!
    Thanks for that - the novice's was in the back of my mind but when I get to shooting it disappears!
    Am nervous about tonight - I always get to a point where I think I won't go (nerves!) - but REALLY looking forward to shooting my new stuff! :cheerful:
    Thanks hun :cheerful:

    I got caught up in the Word Association game! Looks like I've been here years, lol. Hope to get my handicap soon so I can be involved in as much as poss! Where o I get details of the novices comp you mentioned on Sunday? At DAS?

    C xx
    Hi Chris. Found my way into this madhouse. I used to think archers were crazy now I know its true. It all looks like fun but difficult to navigate at first. Keep getting lost. Do you need skis over Malvern way today?
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