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    thank you - it was really good :0)
    Darkside Lady :wave:
    Thanks for the :thumbsup:
    Can't understand some comments on the jokes page :bang:
    Thanks Jacqui. Looking forward to seeing you and Mike somewhere high up there next year. ???
    Cheers, spent the day at Bannockburn shooting their Fita18. Not my best effort, but still fun :)
    We were practising yesterday (weather was perfect) and both doing well, although I have some small forms issues I need to work on. B5 did so well at 70m (new PB) he had to go and sit down to recover ;-) I think in his first outdoor season as a compounder he should do very well - GRIV's advice clearly works!
    Best wishes and happy shooting,
    Hi. Thanks! TBH I was disappointed, the wind was awful on the Saturday and I just can't shoot when it's windy. :-s It was a nice, sociable set of people who were shooting though. How are you and B5 getting on so far? Hope you're getting chance to practice. Who knows, we might even meet at a shoot one day! :)
    Wishing you lots of golds,
    Thanks very much....was out shooting yesterday evening etc. so have only just picked up on your message today.....
    Thanks for the Birthday greeting Jacqui :D. You're right of course, can't think of a better present. Best Wishes. Steve
    He he....just giving my fellow Meerkats a chance! ;)

    Wouldn't want ya to think that you'd always be in 2nd place!! :duck:
    Congrats on getting your final Bowman score at the weekend - well deserved!

    Now I'll have to se if I can catch up!! ;)

    Hi Charley

    Thanks for the message. Haven't been in the forum much since I joined - must try harder as I'm sure I can learn a lot from all you guys in here.

    I was back at Banchory the other week and it fairly p***ed down from the start (Sunday) so I wimped out and gave up after the practice ends :poulies:

    Maybe see you at the Scottish early August?
    HI Jacqui - Just thought i'd say HI - Met you at Banchory in June for the double rose - never really said HI
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