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    Waterside Archers - Exbury (Theft & fire)

    Waterside Archers had their beginner equipment stolen and their club hut burnt down over the weekend. If anybody hears of any kit being sold off cheaply, or sees any beginner equipment (wooden take-down bows and aluminium arrows) marked WA or Waterside, then please let the club know...
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    Wanted Recurve sight to modify into a clout sight

    Does anyone have an old, unused sight with worm drive/micro adjust? I'm after something cheap & cheerful to modify in an attempt to make a clout sight. It seems a shame to buy something new, to then destroy it! Thanks a lot. Darron
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    Spine selection for longer arrows?

    Sorry, another arrow spine question.... If my "Correct Arrow Length" (Easton definition, length to rest + 1") is 27.75", but I'd prefer to shoot something an inch longer, where should I be looking on the charts? The 28" column or the 29"? I'm building myself up to buy my first set of ACCs and...
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    Club Colours

    Does anyone know if the GNAS Shooting Colours Register still exists? I found a 2010/11 copy here: But strangely no mention on the Archery GB site .... or anyone obvious to contact. I ask because the white and red...
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    Summer Metric Results 2014?

    Hi, Has anyone seen the results from the ArcheryGB Summer Metric postal competition for our Juniors? Thanks a lot. Darron
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    Recurve: Damaged limb tips - repairable?

    Well, I've finally found time to have a go at repairing this limb. It's far from perfect and hasn't been polished, but here it is (it's the one on the right this time .....): I'll string the bow with these limbs next weekend and see if it all holds together ..... Del, thank you so much for...
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    Recurve: Damaged limb tips - repairable?

    Hi, I've managed to damage the tip of one of my recurve limbs (see attached) - I slipped whilst stringing bow ..... To me, it looks like the black, 'plastic', layer has cracked and come adrift. I couldn't see any damage to the laminations underneath. Does this look repairable? If so, how...
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    Archery GB July Nationals 2013 Postal Competition ??

    Hi, Does anyone know if Archery GB intend to run the July postal competition for juniors this year? I can't find it mentioned on the Archery GB website, but then they only announced last year's on the 30th June ... Archive & Search | News | Archery GB | Official Website : July Nationals 2012...
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    Junior Archers and Compound bows?

    Hi, My 8 year old daughter currently shoots a 54" recurve, with 12lb limbs. She's struggling to get to a target at 20 yards with this. (Although she shot it to 70 yards during a bit of clout instruction at the weekend :bowarrow:) Would a small compound bow offer any advantages? Thanks Darron
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    8 year old archer and stabilisers?

    Hi, My daughter is 8 years old and has been shooting at our local club every week since July. She shoots a 54" Rolan Junior bow that will accept a long rod. I was wondering whether we should introduce some form of stabilisation to her bow? And if so what? Thanks Darron