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  • Hi Darryl, if you send me your email address I'll post some pic's of my quivers. Regards, Pete.
    No Paul. Just a bit of a busy time for me at the moment. Lots of competitions and a lot of other things going on in my personal life such as moving from my flat and in with my gf. My work days usually involve me out of the house at 6am and not home until 6pm so I'm usually quite tired. As such I haven't really spent much time on AI as I used to, just the occasional check of forum threads. Since the AI format change I haven't noticed any notifications until tonight and saw a visitor message. Just an update, as of today I'm no longer shooting with a GMX. Proud new owner of a matt black CXT. It's lovely ;)
    Hi Darryl,
    Any luck with the limbs?
    If not can you send them back to me.
    My address should be on the boxes but if they have been removed can you PM me.
    SDB, doing a job on his bow? That's news to me but there is a guy on these forums that airbrushes bows and I believe he is doing Pauls :) Paul was however suppose to be sending me some of his limbs to try out.
    Hi Darryl,

    Paul - Bowselecta asked me to let you know that his dell crashed and it wont be up and running until Tuesday at the earliest.. He is sorry for not being in contact but has been telling us that you are "doing a job on his bow". Cant wait to see it

    If you need to contact him I can always pass on a message.

    Hey Darryl,

    Just saw your location on one of your posts, seems we're fairly local, where abouts do you shoot?

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