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  • hey
    Trying to regidter me an the boy for Glasgow venue...But can't am I being stupid...I cant get it into the cart or is it full? ( the shoot...nt the cart!)
    hi Alister am just back from eastcote n we bought the SF Premium riser with 26 pounded KAP Windstorms with a button and a Cartel sight. Ill b down on Thursday a bit earlier n i nd a bit of help with the alignment of the nocks on the string along with the button and and help setting my sight.Id appreciate da help.
    hi Alister
    MY dr and phisyo say it ok to do archery i need to shoot low lb bow but i n live of fear incase i get notice becase i am working dont know if i could again on dss and benifits DVL , got tickets for world club so might see u, was at scottish champ to talk ect see u
    Thanks for the comment darthTer, good point the shoulder bit, it can easily drop on getting tired. Concentration, focus, are important too i find.
    well we now have a team, please PM me with your score so it can be entered for the teams events, Thank you and straight shooting. TS
    Good Morning!
    I asked Paul about the jager grip and he said that there is not one for the sebastien flute riser... Can you tell the model of the grip you have purchased?
    Thank you,
    hi alister
    sorry cant man the ironman this year my work on 4 day week so had to cut back a bit
    see u
    jim cook
    yes I am on the web over lunch. There was talk I never go on so in your face.
    what was wrong with your shooting? I thought it was good?
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