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    [English Longbow] Laminated stave question

    One of our archers has bought a stave with umpteen laminations. It only cost him around ?36 on ebay and I'm wondering just how much thought would have gone into selecting the various woods. Surely its the limb that benefits from each of the woods selected so what happens if you lose a couple...
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    [English Longbow] The arrows or the archer?

    I've been shooting very badly recently, with arrows flying everywhere except where intended. For sometime now I've been using 5/16 shafts with small fletches and following a disastrous shoot last weekend I started to go back to basics. I shot from about 5 yards without worrying about aim, with a...
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    [English Longbow] slight split in the grain

    Here's a couple of images, the second showing approximately where I feel a very slight separation. Its so slight I cant imagine I could fill it. I've stripped off the varnish. Would a flexible varnish be enough or just a good waxing? I cant feel it when its strung at all.
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    [English Longbow] slight split in the grain

    When my bow is unstrung I can feel a very slight split in the grain on the belly in two places about an inch long just above the handle. I used emery cloth to remove the varnish and it felt perfectly smooth so I thought all was well. Strung you can feel no split at all but when I destrung it...
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    [English Longbow] slipping and sliding

    I know I mustnt complain, its just beautiful weather to shoot in, but today, with the grass just a bit long, I just couldn't find my arrows, well at least, the ones that didn't hit the target. Ive changed to brass bullet points rather than the needle points I used to have. At 70 meters you'd...
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    Oh no, not instinctive again!

    Sorry to start yet another thread on one of our favourite subjects, but some will be amused by this. We have a guy at the club who recently made his own longbow on a course. Its not a bad looking bow except that his grip is very square, almost to the extent of not conforming to longbow rules...
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    90 metres with an 18 pound bow

    We were on the field yesterday and a young junior, having watched a couple of us shooting longbow at 60 yards decided to see how far his bow could shoot. When we went down to collect his arrows, one was stuck firm in the 90 metre target! I checked his bow and it was definitely 18 pounds. Can...
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    The Iceman

    I wonder if others watched the programme on More4 last night about the Neolithic man found in the Alps Iceman Murder Mystery - 4oD - Channel 4 ?tzi ? the Iceman | ?tzi - South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology There was interesting speculation about how he was shot with a bow. He was carrying an...
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    [English Longbow] Bowyers knot

    Does anyone else have problems with the bowyers knot? Just recently I've found that its slipping and changing my brace height by as much as an inch within a few hours of shooting.
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    Gadgets for longbows

    Longbowmen (and women) don't tend to be gadget freaks but a look through the Ebay longbow section will find a little nock sock for your boots. It protects boots and protect the horn nock apparently. I particularly like the name of the company selling them;)
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    Laser spine testing

    I've recently made a spine tester using a caliper. It just measure the deflection in increments of an inch. That can be used to calculate spine very easily, for woods at least
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    Who makes their own arrows?

    Finally, I've started spine testing with my home made spine tester. I've now attached the caliper, so that I can make measurements in one operation. I'm amazed at its accuracy and at a total cost of around ?10 I reckon I should put it on the market;) Was nice to find a rogue arrow in the batch...
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    [English Longbow] Longbow anchor - chin or side?

    I did search for a thread on longbow anchor but couldn't find one. I've just been going through "Archery, its theory and practice" by Horace Ford. I've visited the book a number of times, but this time, I've been concentrating on aiming Archery, its theory and practice According to the book...
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    Bow length

    Guys at the club today were discussing how you measure bow length. They were comparing two recurve bows and which one was 68 and which was 70. No one seemed to know how you measure the length. I presume you measure longbows unstrung, but recurves? Someone will know the answer instantly I'm sure:)
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    What discipline do you shoot and why?

    There's a number of threads around, where each of the different styles or disciplines of bows is being discussed, with posters giving little digs at one style or another. Rather than criticise, could we not just say why we enjoy what we shoot. I was a mediocre recurve archer up to about 5...