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  • I'm on the night shift!, missed you by 20mins in the shoutbox. Hope your thumb heals quickly :)

    Not been logged on for ages, just got your message. Hope everythings ok with you, let me know if I can help out with the work thing still.
    Have a good hols and merry christmas
    Think it's too much driving, numb little finger and elbow pain. Doc gave me a kilo of naproxen to take and doesn't seem to be worried about the archery. Not sure about competitions, having been away so many weekend in the summer I am enjoying having plenty of time with Barney for a change!
    Glad the shooting is doing well...numbness? maybe its just the sheer pressure of shooting so much!
    You doing any indoor comps? I'll probably show my face at a few local league cup ones but don't think I'll be making an impact on my class for a while.
    Quite a bit of travel but all UK based for a change so no all nighters in the c&q. I've actually been shotting a fair bit as a result and getting a lot better although I have some elbow issues and a number hand so we'll have to see how that goes!
    Not too bad thanks. Work is taking over my life as usual and have only shot once in the last three months or so :(
    Hoping to get to indoor practice next week so I'll get to see how bad its got!
    You ok? Been travelling much?
    what ya doin...? why you not in C+Q putting the world to right? Are you home or away working?
    Online and you didn't come talk!!!! tut tut. Hope you are ok and enjoying being grounded over here for a while.
    Catch you soon
    I hate decorating...much better at the destruction side of things like tearing paper off and knocking down walls!!! I am another late shift...think I should just move in here! Plus I have no time for practice and my shooting has gone so downhill I want to cry. Hope you are fairing better, I'm getting a good tan though :)
    You complaining about a quiet c+q??? People must be getting early nights as its been quiet for ages.....I'm oncall again tonight so looking forward to an evening of talking to myself again lol,
    Hope your well, catch up soon x
    LOL, swine flu overtime ??? Friday I was fast asleep after a nice outdoor shooting session. Lovely evening if the weather stays this good I'll be very happy
    Enjoyed it so much I thought I would do Friday night too! Guess your relaxing and drinking.....Catch ya soon
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