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    [Horsebow] Horsebow suitable for child

    Hi guys, bit of advice needed After a superb weekend shooting at Argyll Field Archers my son is keen on getting a horse bow for a bit of variety when we are up there, the question is what's suitable? Currently he shoots a 18lb recurve and to be honest he can pull quite a bit higher, he's nearly...
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    Show us your set up (target,ILF)

    Hoyt (sorry) aerotec riser with Hex 6 BB2 limbs (38 short) with fantastic custom paint job. Beiter rods with 2 different colours covers to mimic bow colour graduation. Pic taken at Argyll Fields Archers Scottish Field Champs 2013. Pleasure to shoot. Demig
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    New limbs pics :)

    Next pic:
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    New limbs pics :)

    Lovely trip to Border this afternoon to pick up my Hex 6 H BB2's with nice custom paint job to match my bow. Literally just back in the door so not shot them yet but had to get some pics up! A full review will be coming soon but as usual the folks at Border were extremely hospitable and I must...
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    Finally coming together

    Well it's been a while since my last post! Life has been tricky in the last year personally and archery wise but finally got some decent shooting done on Sunday. The last year was full of lost weekends due to work travel, poor form, family deaths and way too much stress interspersed with some...
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    Border Hospitality

    Just wanted to report back on my visit to Border today with Mrs Demig. Everyone is incredibly friendly at Border and we had a great visit, we even got to see Sid junior actually doing some work! I took no photos to prove this due to the array of top secret developments going on at Sid HQ...
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    PB.... not!

    Well I braved the snow tonight to go and shoot. After a hard day shifting literally tones of snow and lots of sledging I expected to be terrible. Only a few of the usual suspects had got to the club so it was a quiet and pleasant evening. Shooting on a Portsmouth started well despite me not...
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    Portsmouth PB

    First blog entry, mainly for my benefit to record progress DarthTer style as his blog is a nice shooting record. We had our monthly clubindoor competition on Sunday night, had a rushed start as arrived late which is unusual for me. Utterly unprepared as I had been demolishing a shed all...
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    Improving finally!

    Hi All, Finally broke my Portsmouth pb of 501 (shot last year) last night, 517 in our monthly club comp. I was well chuffed as this year I have progressed very little! I had a couple of shocking ends as well so expect to add at least another 10 to that very easily next week (fingers crossed)...
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    Hoyt Avalon Plus lock down screw

    Hi all, Anyone know what size/spec bolt I need to replace a pocket adjustment lock down screw on an Avalon plus. This is the one that goes through the back into the pocket? Got back from the wilds of the Argylll fields archers course today after spending several targets cursing about my arrows...
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    Bows for children

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with purchasing a bow for a 6-7 year old? I'm getting a lot of pressure to let him have a go! My son is quite a sturdy chap and pretty strong. I've found various kids bows on line at Merlin and others, are these actually any good? BTW who knows if this the...
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    Hoyt Avalon Plus clicker plate

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a clicker plate for an avalon plus or something that's a close fit and can be tweaked to fit? Cheers Iain