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    Stolen Bow Derby area

    From a friend at work, I'll post more details when I have them. Our club captain had his bow stolen last week from home. He lives in Derby area. Its a Andy Soars Recurve one piece with his name (Vic Chapman) written on - so not easy to hide without damaging the bow (at minimum there would be...
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    3 gold/6 gold question.

    I know the criteria for a 6 gold badge and for a 3 gold badge for longbow. But there doesn't appear to be any procedure in place for barebow and flatbow claims. Club Sec has queried with AGB head office, and got the answer "claim for a 3 gold end, and we'll think about it when you send the...
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    Equipment failure or not?

    I'm raising this query, partly tongue in cheek , but the situation did get me wondering. I'm shooting in a competition, and one of my target companions manages to dislodge the flag atop the boss with a stray shot. Can I call an equipment failure, and ask that the flag be replaced before I...
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    Purple Tassel

    Big congratulations to Timid Toad, for a new British record for a double clout (261) and for being the first ever female recipient of a Purple Tassel. Shes far too modest to post herself, so I'll do it for her.
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    Olympic volunteers/Games makers

    I'm guessing that quite a few AIUKers will have applied to be Games makers for the Olympics. I've got an interview coming up in May, and my employer , one of the major sponsors, has "prenominated" me, so I'm confident that all will be well. However, I saw a comment on the Archery GB website that...
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    Tuning/setup problem

    One of my clubmates is having some problems with her setup, and I'm at a loss as what to do next. I'm looking for any suggestions of what can be done to help her. Basically, the arrow shaft is hitting the button as it passes. Small deposits of carbon can be seen on the back edge of the button...
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    Gold shyness

    Whats your best tip for getting past gold shyness? ( by that I mean an inability/reluctance to hold the shot long enough to aim/anchor consistently?)
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    Good day at Dalmore

    What a good day today at Dalmore.The first "official" GNAS field shoot in Scotland, 4 new judges assessed and passed, the sun shone, and it even meant taking some layers off. Lots of AIUKers out to play as well, Darthter, Uller (Mr and Mrs), Woodsplitter, Shirt, Florence, madbirdwoman, both...
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    Real IRONMAN archery? or just stupid..

    In January, we are holding a NRS Portsmouth.At a competition yesterday, the organiser was asked an interesting question which has got us puzzled, so who better to ask than the great AIUK community for your opinions..? As we understand things, because our shoot is non record status, we can...
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    Double rounds

    Why is it that some rounds can be shot as doubles and others not? I'm asking specifically with regards to records.Our club recently held a Warwick/Double Warwick competition, as there were no records in existence in Scotland.But we've been told that because there is no National GNAS record for...
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    Nocking point BELOW centre

    Hi, I have a query that I know someone on here will have the answer to. One of my clubmates has just started using a new string, and last night I noticed that his nocking point is low, seriously low, in fact about 7 mm BELOW the "normal".I'll explain that my definition of "normal" is approx...
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    Spotting scope

    Hi all, just a quick note to advise that Costco have scopes for sale at the moment for ?42. They are made by MEADE, 25-60 zoom with a 60mm objective lens.They're waterproof and come in a hard bodied case , with a jacket type cover, a tripod, anda soft carry case for the tripod as well. Got one...
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    Waterproof scoresheets

    Given the current spell of damp weather, I thought I'd share some info about waterproof paper that I came across.Credit is due to Northern Ireland Civil Service archers as I first saw it in use last year.I was very impressed and have since used it at our clubs open FITA yesterday, where the sun...
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    Limb problems

    Hiya, This is just a general enquiry about ML2 limbs in particular. Has anyone out there experienced a breakage of a limb, specifically where the limb bolt is? I'm curious to find out if its just me who has been unlucky?:meditate: