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  • Hi Ian
    If you are looking for some cheaper wood to make a laminted long bow
    Good back timber is Ash, Maple (for lighter bows up to 40 lb) both easy to get hold of
    Back thickness of 4 to 5 mm works well
    Core timber you are look for something with out to much weight Maple, Black Walnut works well
    core thickness I taper my cores from 6mm to 2mm but you dont need to do this to start with a 4 to 6mm thick core is fine
    Belly woods Ash works with a Ash back. Black Walnut makes a good belly but if you can get hold of some IPE that works realy well Ipe is used for hardwood decking and is stocked quite widely Iwould not use Maple for belly it is better in tenson than compression
    Glue Resonell used to be call cascmite this is a power glue just and water

    Rember the most important tool you have is a kettel if not sure about some thing put it on and have a think it takes seconds to ruin a bow
    Hi Dusty
    I hope i have the right guy, del the cat passed your name on to me i have been in contact with derek for a while , i am thinking of making a laminate longbow, and trying to use cheap wood to start till i am more used to making bows ,i have made one longbow in ash, works ok but not to good a shape on the curvature ,the second ash failed as i roughed out to thin and got elbows near the end ,so have scrapped it for now may make a smaller light weight out of it later but want to press on in the mean time , I am concidering using iroko for the core,ash for the back ,and maybe maple for the belly, but can get oak,merinti and sapele from the local wood yard as well , what would you sujest out of these ,and what thickness for back ,coreand belly i would be glad of any advice you can give,and what glue would you use to laminate?
    once again i hope you don't mind me contacting you
    regards Ian Arnold (sailthewind)
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