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  • We were practising yesterday (weather was perfect) and both doing well, although I have some small forms issues I need to work on. B5 did so well at 70m (new PB) he had to go and sit down to recover ;-) I think in his first outdoor season as a compounder he should do very well - GRIV's advice clearly works!
    Best wishes and happy shooting,
    Thanks Linda. Journey home was fine, nice drive up except I may have had my piccy taken by a "man in a van" by the name of Old William. :(
    Dunno about flinging the string, but I've been flinging the Morin Trainer - what a brilliant thing it is! I still wish I'd thought of it first....

    Happy Shooting!

    Narpage, nine target-o-list arrive-o-pops here. Bloody NCAS, they should put the shepherds in charge, then things would get done :) See ya tomoz
    could you send me any photos?, also how much are you looking for?
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