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    I know it's nowhere near other people's, but I don't care - a new PB of 520 at last night's Portsmouth evening. A couple of months ago I couldn't get close to 450, and now I've had 3 Portsmouth's over 500, including in the County comp at the end of January. Plus, of the last 7 shoots I've...
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    Gold at the Middlesex indoor open

    It doesn't remove your gold for male barebow, though. I try to remind myself that it doesn't matter if someone gets a 'better' score than me, for me it's a question of did I do the very best that I can do, and did I beat my previous effort in the same round/competition/event?
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    Old sniper trick : use the tall finger on the trigger.

    There's two of us - I can raise my ring finger too. Not as much as independently, but it still raises.
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    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    If it's any consolation, I put a new grip onto my riser on Sunday morning, immediately before a tournament. No testing, nothing! Fortunately it worked a treat.
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    Phooeys Tales From Astride The Line

    Well done on the consistent form. Me too, I finally got 500 on a Portsmouth last night - 514 to be exact. The whole club attending were happy for me, too, I got lots of congratulations, so I'm well happy. One of the club's best archers had a look at my score sheet and said she was impressed...
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    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    Can't see the fingermarks from here... :)
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    Crushed my WA18 PB

    Another PB last night; a 61 point increase on my Worcester PB, from 173 to 234! And another handicap drop accordingly, plus moved up a class of indoor archer, so a pretty good night.
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    Phooeys Tales From Astride The Line

    Oh yeah, know that one... :unsure:
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    Laleham Archery Club's medal haul.

    Impressive! Well done.
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    Phooeys Tales From Astride The Line

    Really well done, I'm very happy for you. I think we've decided to shoot a Worcester round tonight, just for the hell of it. Not sure what to hope for with that, so we'll see. Obviously I've got visions of hitting the 5 every time, but we'll see... :)
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    On old chesnut, women & men's comps

    Absolutely wrong, and very unreasonable of them to tell her it's her fault for not knowing something they hadn't publicised. I certainly wouldn't be entering that tournament (even if I were good enough).
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    Phooeys Tales From Astride The Line

    I'm seriously hunting a 500 Portsmouth myself. Hopefully my recent improvement (resumption?) in form means it's back within reach again. My previous PB was 482, so not an impossible distance away, although it has felt that way lately. As I said, I'm in the business of collecting badges, so...
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    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    Brilliant, well done indeed. :D 🏅 🏹