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    How quickly does a beginner outgrow limbs?

    As well as changing the poundage you can comfortably shoot you will find your draw length will change. The arrows you buy will change as those two parameters change. So there's not much point buying expensive arrows until your draw weight and length are settled. Once that's happened I would...
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    On old chesnut, women & men's comps

    During the 2012 Olympics I was a GamesMaker at the shooting venue. I was chatting to one of the pistol shooters about why they split it between male and female events. He said it was because the men got fed up being beaten by the women.
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    Binoculars for field target

    You can calculate a theoretical maximum relative brightness for binoculars as the square of the (objective lens size/magnification). For your three bins you get - 7.7 for the Nikon, 25 for the Zeiss, 27.5 for the Bushnell. So, in theory the Zeiss and Bushnell should be similar and way better...
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    Binoculars for field target

    Of course, brightness isn't the be all and end all. Image quality depends on lots of other things. Cheap glass can give you a bright, blurry image with coloured edges. Expensive glass might not be so bright, but it will be clearer. There is a trade off between the two. Then there's useability...
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    Binoculars for field target

    The transmission difference will be, at the very most, 15 percent. Nowhere near the 100% difference you get from having a huge hole in the front. Before archery my main hobbies were photography, birding and astronomy - all rely on a good knowledge of optics. And in all of them you learn that...
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    Binoculars for field target

    The problem I can see with them is that 10x36 will not give a very bright image. 10x50 will give an image that is twice as bright, but then you're looking at 50% extra weight (compared to the Barr & Stroud 10x50 Sprite Monocular).
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    Bow Poundage

    It is very frustrating to watch somebody shoot three ends really well, then spend the rest of the shoot trembling like a leaf and their draw collapsing. And they refuse to listen to any coaching. It does seem much more common with the male of the species. I've always put it down to the same...
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    Best place to go?

    One that you can visit in person. For me that is very limiting. I have two choices, both about 50 minutes drive away.
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    garden set up advice please!

    No it isn't. You'll have to state exactly which law it is.
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    FormMaster - is it practice?

    AGB rules forbid practice before a competition, with only six sighters allowed. One of our club members makes FormMaster-type devices, that allow you to practice form and release with the arrow only flying a few feet forward. Would this count as practice before a competition? I assume that...
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    Bohning Pro Jig - straight or curved clamp

    I'm making my own wooden arrows for the first time and I'm about to fletch with 4" right-hand feathers. I have a Bohning Pro jig from my (pre-XS-Wings) recurve days. But it only has a straight clamp. Would that be OK, or should I buy a Bohning RH clamp? Thanks
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    Convert Jazz arrows to accept G-Nocks

    I have some old Jazz arrows that I want to use for our field course in the woods (cheaper to lose than ACGs). They currently have the old taper nocks, which are a pain. I've heard that I can cut the ends of the arrows, removing the taper, and insert bushings to accept G-Nocks. The arrows are...
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    Instinctive Shooting - Two Eyes are Better than One

    After four years of shooting target recurve I decided I needed something a bit different. I didn't want to go compound (I have balance problems that already limit my recurve shooting - even from a chair) so I went for an AFB. For four weeks I've been using it for target shooting and finding it...
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    252 - How many scores?

    We are just implementing the 252 scheme at our club, so I've been looking at what others do. But there's some discrepancy in the number of qualifying rounds needed for a badge. Some say it must be achieved twice; others just once. At least one club stipulates that it must be achieved three...
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    Handicap Formula

    Hi, I'm trying to access the formula used for calculating AGB handicaps. It used to be available on AIUK - - but I'm told I don't have sufficient priviledge to access that page. Can anybody suggest why? Or point to another location?