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    Bow Arm Control

    A few years ago I had a slipped disc in my neck, a nerve was trapped, resulting in almost total loss of control of my left (bow arm) tricep for about 3 months. Ever since this, I am frequently unable to lock my bow arm properly, just as I get close to full draw, the arm relaxes, I then have to...
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    EFAA Bowhunter Champs

    The EFAA Bowhunter champs are at Worlingham, Suffolk, this weekend. Who else will be going?
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    Swap Helix for Nexus

    I have a Helix riser which I would like to swap for a Nexus. This inferno riser has been my back up bow, has hardly been used and is in excellent condition. Please PM me if you would like to trade.
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    NFAS Scottish Champs

    Anyone else going up to Scotland this weekend for the NFAS Scottish Champs. I?m driving the 330 miles alone tomorrow so that I have a free day on Friday to recover. I will be staying just a few miles away from the shoot, in Castle Douglas. The trophy is already packed (I don?t want to...
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    IBM T40 Laptop

    IBM T40 LAPTOP 1.5GHz 40GB Hard drive DVD/CDRW 14.1? TFT screen 256Mb Ram Power supply and mains cable Windows XP Professional Good condition 3 years old, but was only used for about 1 year ?200 + Royal Mail Special Delivery at cost
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    Elmtree, Devon

    Shot my first field shoot of the year at Elmtree?s Roadford Reservoir woods yesterday. Elmtree always lay on a good 3D course and this one was no exception. The weather on the day was good, but it had rained all week so it was a bit muddy and slippery in places. After watching one of the top...
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    My First Field Shoot of 2007, Elmtree 3D, Devon

    Just got off the phone, I'm now booked in to the Elmtree 3D shoot on 14th January. It's only a 360 mile round trip. Is anyone else from down that way shooting?
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    EFAA - Marked Forester on 3Ds

    Marked Forester on 3Ds, shooting at 3D's at known distances up to 60 yards. Sounds like fun to me, anybody else up for it. Whitemark Bowmen (EFAA) near Bourne End, Buckinghamshire Sherry and mince pies provided :)
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    Compound for Fingers

    Due to a neck problem, I am thinking of moving over to shooting a compound, not with a release aid, but off the fingers. I know that the axle to axle length will have to be long enough so that there will be little or no problem with finger pinch, although, I do have fairly small hands. What...
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    Wanted:- One Screw - for Helix Grip

    Has anyone got a spare screw that fits a Helix grip that they don?t want. Possibly any Hoyt recurve grip screw would fit. One of mine has come lose and disappeared
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    Grant Womack - Hits GMB Score

    I know Grant won't want to blow his own trumpet, so I'll blow it for him. He has just shot a 1288 FITA, giving himself 4 PBs. 90m - 302, 70m - 322, 50m - 317 and 30m - 347. Great shooting Grant.
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    Did anybody else get in to the 3D Champs

    I know we don?t have many field archers on the board, but did anyone else manage to get in to this years 3D champs. Entry forms dropped on to our door mats on Monday and the limit of 400 hundred was reached on Thursday. Only the very quick got in. :veryhappy
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    Cloth Target Faces

    A friend was recently clearing out her attic and found an unused 4 foot/122cm Egerton cloth target face. She gave it to me as she hasn?t shot for at least 20 years. She said she won it in a competition many years ago. I was wondering how old it could be and when cloth faces were replaced by...
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    St George Field Squad

    I was talking to Ray Howells (GB Team Manager) at the week-end and he told me about an England Field Squad week-end next February. I have been asked if I would like to go. If someone of my age can be asked, then anyone could go. Even though I have only shot one GNAS field shoot (I usually...
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    Unmarked distance judgement

    Up till now, all the field competitions that I have taken part in have been under IFAA/EFAA and NFAS. Under these governing bodies, no aids for distance judgement are allowed, you have to use your own judgement/guess to determine the target distance. I am about to take part in my first...