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  • Hi Rachel - it was nice to hear from you. I'm good, how about you? How's your latest junior archer getting on?

    Life here has been ... interesting. No 1 son was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the end of last year, and as he's only 29 and in a long-term relationship it hit him hard. It also floored his mother (VikingEva of this parish!) and so for the past six months or so I've had my work cut out providing some support for him and picking her up off the floor at regular intervals - she never really got over my own diagnosis back in 2000, even though my own health issue has long ago been finished with.

    I have been talking to Dave about getting the AIUK shoots up and running again, and it looks like we need someone to act as a national organiser for them Hey ho, another job for Mrs Palmer's idiot son Derik! But I guess we'll have a programme sorted out for next year, so if you fancy a shoot I'll see you there!

    love for now,

    Yeah woods is good, but I let my NFAS membership lapse now - no one to go with any more . . . . I never did understand that scoring malarkey!
    Bring Joe and Oscar, and cheer him along? I'll even let you sit in my tent!
    Oh, forgot to add - it's the GOA St George next Sunday. There have already been a few people enquiring whether you & Wendie are coming?
    Hey you! Yes I was there - shot like a plank, and didn't stay for the raffle. It was a good day but could've been so much better with a better score. When are you starting again?
    With an eleven year old son and nine year old daughter you will soon have "built in" baby sitting facilities :cheerful: giving you lots of time to shoot again or maybe frequent the pub !!!.
    Just got back from Worcestershire Squad coaching session - fantastic day! feeling all optomistic (mis-placed i'm sure!!) about the coming outdoor season. !! All I have to do now is "negotiate" on tournaments dates !! - My wife is also outnumbered - though normally gets her way !! :frying:
    Only 4 Months! ..... I remember those times, used to put them down and they would still be in the same place when you came back ! :cheerful: Long time ago for me though, have two boys 11 and 9. Archrey is my Escape... it only took me (well Lots!!!) years to actually take it up after becoming interested in my teens !!. But almost immediately was "persuaded" to help with admin side of club / county. Three cheers for secretaries i say, am sure you will be back into it soon, with a complete set of Lincoln green papooses (sp?):rotfl:
    How old are the other "Flighties"?

    Have a beer or two on me ! :beer: :beer:
    Hi Rachel,
    Thats ok, sorry I didnt spot that it was an invitation event. Hope you all have a fantastic day. I see you've had "Flighty" no4 - enough for your very own future recurve team :cheerful: No wonder you dont have much time for club matters !!!
    Compliments to you and your club on an excellent and useful website. I am chairman at Malvern and am trying to rustle up interest in a summer "tour" a little further from our usual haunts - your informal Albion could be just the ticket :cheerful:
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