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    effect of shortening arrows

    I'm having a slight issue tuning my new ACE's to my recurve, the bare shafts are indicating slightly weak. I dont want to reduce my draw weight, as I'm at the limit for reachinig 100 yards as it is. I have the option to slightly reduce the arrow length (1/4 inch or so), but i'm unsure if its...
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    [Horsebow] Nomad Black Shadow

    Picked one up as a second bow, to shoot when I dont have the time for recurve, shot for the first time today, and really enjoyed it. No idea what I'm doing, but it has pointed my shopping browsing in new directions, now on the lookout for thumb ring, glove, "traditional" bracer
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    Hoyt Tiller Bolt Problem

    Hi, my daughter shoots a Hoyt GP horizon pro. This morning we were set to do a bit of tuning, and checked the tiller. Needed a little adjustment, so I loosened off the locking bolts, adjusted the tiller bolts, and tightened back up the locking bolts. Bottom limb fine, top limb locking bolt...
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    Should I be concerned

    I've noticed that if I run my finger along the outside of my Hoyt ACE limbs I can feel slight ridges or ripples, whereas the inside face is completely smooth. Not noticed this on any other limbs. Is this normal?
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    String Length/Bracing Height confusion

    Hi all, confused of Manchester here, I've recently upgraded my limbs to Hoyt ACE's, 34# medium (68 inch bow with 25 inch Hoyt Horizon pro riser) With my old Kaya K1 limbs, I was able to set a bracing height at the lower end of the recommended range, slightly over 8.5 inch. Same string on the...