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  • Hi Steve, Happy new year :)

    Gizza chance, scoring finished at midnight news year's eve and I've got hundreds of the buggers to compile, sort and combine with Novembers! As well as sort out the aftermath of the Ironman, update the shop and classifieds, scripts, kick off the reviews section, spend time with the family and play my little tank game ;)

    It shall be done soon :D
    Brilliant! Everything is spot on, it works a treat. Will sing it's praises on the Blundellsands Archers Facebook group and members forum with instructions on joining A.I.net and contacting your good self. Thanks for the time and effort.
    Wow! Thanks mate, just sparked up your GE file and drooled so much I nearly shorted my keyboard out!! Fantastic resource,cheers.
    Hi mate,

    Just wondering if you would be able to send me the Google Earth locations file you have been compiling of all the archery shops etc?
    My email address is [email protected] - Thanks in advance.
    Good woman who can clean and cook fish, sew, dig worms and owns boat & motor.
    Send photo of "BOAT & MOTOR"
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