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  • how did those heavy 330g? pro points go FW, i can't find the post, think it was you trying 3 right?
    Which is your longbow team then (if you want a hinderence)?? I don't shoot the stick much will be going to Aire Valley on a monthly visit me thinks so will have scores!!
    Princess. Not always up late, but it is not uncommon. Tend to get peaceful time late at night to do emails, and forum trawling etc.
    Hi there! As you have noticed i've been having bother trying to post some of my photos...if you could dig out that info for me that would be great,I seem to be doing everything correctly and just can't figure out where i'm going wrong?I'm trying to copy the photo's off photobucket if that makes any difference?I've also just noticed that the posting rules box says I can't post attachments?? Any help greatly appreciated!! Mike
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