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    Wanted LH Longbow #25 Draw

    Hi, Recently switched sides due to injury. Entry level bow would be fine. Frank
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    [American Flatbow] LH Longbow, 25#

    Hi All, Looking for a LH longbow of only 25# draw weight. Anybody know where I might find one? Recently switched sides because of injury. Thanks. Frank
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    Missing High and Left

    Every third arrow is about 8" out, up by 10:30, all by itself. Occasionally one is down by 4:30, making for a diagonal line through the target. Does this imply a consistent form error? Any ideas appreciated. This is barebow, RH, from 18m. Thanks.
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    Target Panic?

    Besides releasing too soon, could it also manifest itself as the inability to release when you want to? I have been struggling with the later for almost a year now, but only recently have I considered that it could be a symptom of TP. When I come onto aim and am ready to release, I find myself...
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    Tiller and Limb Timing

    I'm wondering if 5/16" tiller is too much for my bow, for after a shot the bottom limb is still vibrating while the upper is not. Any suggestions? Otherwise the bow seems fine, that is, smooth and quiet. Thanks.
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    Limb Bolt Problem

    Hi Folks, I recently installed new 32#/70" Ragim Matrix limbs on my entry level wooden riser. Unlike my previous 30#/68" limbs, they will not remain flush in the limb pocket once the bow is strung and shot a few times. After the first few occurrences I was gradually able to re-tighten the...
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    B-50 String and Tight Nock Fit

    Hello All, The nocks I use are too tight on my new B-50 bow string. Can I improve the fit by removing the serving then winding it back on a bit tighter? Modifying the serving seems simpler to me than sanding down a dozen arrow nocks; that is, once I learn how to do it. I do have two old...
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    FOC on Victory VAP Arrows

    Hi Archers, Just got some Victory VAP's with outserts, but unfortunately the FOC, using the lightest points I have ( they are either 70 or 85g), comes out to 34%. Is this due to the outsert weight? With no point at all, FOC is a nice 12%. Advice appreciated. Thanks.
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    Victory VAP 600 Diameter

    According to Victory's specs, the 600's have an OD of .214, but mine are definitely bigger than 1/4", measuring out to roughly 9/16", or .280, which is quite a discrepancy. Does this make any sense? Thanks.
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    Bow Hand/Riser Centerline Angle

    Hello All, One can always find a discussion concerning the angle of the bow hand knuckles w/respect to the riser, but I have never found one concerning the angle made by the hand w/respect to the riser's centerline, that is, the orientation of bow hand on riser if viewed from directly...
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    Eye Dominance Surprise

    This morning I was surprized to find out that if I ran the eye dominance test using my archery stance and extended bow arm, I was no longer cross dominant on the right side. On the left side, my usual left eye dominance returned. This suggests that, for archery purposes at least, eye dominance...
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    Bare Shaft Question

    Hi All, Just a few questions: why is it that an underspined bare shaft will strike nock left, and if overspined nock right? Also, why do we set our nocking point on the string higher than the arrow rest on the riser? Wasn't able to figure these out for myself. Thanks.
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    Gap Shooting and Longest Arrow Possible

    Hello All, I would like to purchase the longest arrows possible in order to improve my gap shooting. I use a 32# recurve, DL 26.5" from nock groove to arrow rest, and the rest is set back 1.5" from the front of the bow, so I only have 1" of arrow sticking out in front of the riser with my...
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    Decreasing POA Distance

    My point on distance is 44 meters with a 32# recurve, 27" draw length, and skinny, full length carbon arrows, the tips of which extend roughly 1 1/2" in front of my riser. At my usual shooting distance of 20-25 yds, the gap is so large that I see the tip of the arrow about 3 feet below the...