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    Smartriser xm1

    Yes the most stunning riser I have ever shot, a country mile better than my old Wiawis and GMX. Coupled with a set of Uukha X-curves I can't imagine a better bow. I used to shoot it as a full recurve, but have since switched to shooting it as a barebow, the oil damping system makes string...
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    Indoor longbow

    I shot for years as a member of the club you were shooting at, the longbow that I used indoors was rated at 45lb at my draw length, and yes was more powerful than any of the other longbows being used. Oh and I came second twice in the AGB January challenge using it. My scores varied from 450...
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    Binoculars for field target

    I have found that they give very good light transmission. It's the quality and coatings of the glass that makes the difference, it's also what contributes to the relatively higher price. Do not assume that the 10x50 from one maker will transmit more light than the 10x36 from another. I have...
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    Binoculars for field target

    I tried various binoculars for field archery. problem was that any that were really good at light gathering in the woods were quite bulky. After a trip to the USA where I got to talk to a number of bow hunters they all without exception said that they used a monocular. Their monocular of...
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    Arrow weights and point weights

    I don't know where you get your shafts, but my source guarantees the dozen to weigh within 30gn, in fact it's always been less than 10 grains variation, and pretty consistent on spine. I would try and source more consistent shafts to start with. Before cutting to length, weigh all of the...
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    Arrow Rake

    Yes paint roller handles have been the standard in my neck of the woods for many years, on mine I have wrapped the handle in tennis racket grip as it stops it rotating when being dragged through the undergrowth. Of course I never miss, but they are ideal when searching for other peoples arrows...
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    Bow configuration

    I have been through a number of different ILF risers of different length for field, a few of which I really liked and thought could not be improved on, until I bought my Border Covert ILF Ultra 17inch riser. My draw length is only 26.5" and together with my medium Uukha Saiga limbs I find that...
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    String material for Tradbow

    The bow I use for field archery is a takedown tradbow, using a 17" wood ILF riser (Timber creek copperhead) with medium Carbon Bam-Boom limbs to make a 40# 60" bow. I do have a set of Uukha Saiga limbs on order as I'm a big fan of Uukha using X-curves on my recurve. I'm about to make a new...
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    Quick disconnects

    In fact I would recommend using a disconnect between the riser and extender, this means that you only have to screw into the bushing on the riser the once, enormously reducing the chance of cross threading and messing up the thread in the riser. I leave my V-bar and extender attached to the...
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    Longbow Western PB

    I'm mainly a recurve shooter, but also dabble in compound and longbow. Been struggling recently with the longbow, after doing pretty well. Saturday I was having a real job at 60yds with the longbow, so gave up and thought I'd try again Sunday. Well Sunday came and I shot a longbow Western...
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    I just received my new Smartriser XM1 plus, am I a happy bunny! You've probably all seen Sheldon Gannon's review of the Smartriser, well I think he understates it, I just can't tell you how good it feels when shot. I previously used a number of high end risers most recently a W&W Wiawis and...
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    Win & Win Rapido limbs 66" x 36#

    Win & Win Rapido carbon/foam limbs 66" x 36#, they are in excellent condition with only the usual limb pocket marks. They come with the original W&W limb covers. These are a very smooth shooting limb. Less than a year old. ?130 + Postage
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    Win & Win CXT riser + Shibuya rest

    Win & Win CXT riser 25" in Matte Black included Shibuya Ultima arrow rest. Riser is in excellent condition with only the usual limb pocket marks. Less than a year old. Comes with all of the original tools and weights, including the unopened W&W microfibre cloth! ?300 + postage
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    Win & Win HMC plus Stabilzer set plus Doinker adjustable V-bar

    Win & Win HMC plus stabilizer set in black. 26" long rod 10" side rods 3" extension rod Doinker adjustable V-bar Rods fitted with Flex dampers and original weights. All in excellent as new condition, and used only on indoor set up for one season. ?150 + postage
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    Axcel Achieve RXL

    I have two recurve set-ups, one for indoor and one for outdoor. Outdoors I use a Wiawis riser with 40# Uukha x-curves and indoors a CXT riser with 36# Ex-powers. Each is set-up for their own arrows of course, ACE and X7 respectively. They share a Shibuya Ultima sight, which in the summer when...