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    How Gold is a Gold????

    Buy yourself a roll of stick on centres
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    Beginners' course Code of Practice.

    The code of pratice for have-a-go and demos is there because they are often not held on your club's registered ground. A beginner's course is usually held at the club ground or indoor venue. The code of practice for a beginner's course is what is taught on the level 1 coaches' course. I think...
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    Right hander using left eye...does it ever work?

    I am left eye dominant and shoot right handed. I have come up with 2 simple solutions. The first was to get an old baseball cap and cut a slit into the peak about 1.5 inches deep directly over the left eye. The left side of the peak can then be folded down. This allowed me to see with both eyes...
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    Wanted Apex limbs 60#

    I am after a pair of Apex 7 or apex 8 limbs 50-60#
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    Merlin TM5 cams

    Hello fellow hoarders. I was wondering if anyone has squirreled away a pair of cams for a Merlin TM5 that will cover 23.5". We have a lady in our club who has fallen in love with one that she has been given but only goes down to 24". Will pay in cash or chocolate coins :cheerful:
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    Mathews Apex Limbs

    A simple question but I am not sure of the answer. Do Apex 8 limbs have the same deflection rating as Apex 7 limbs? I know that Hoyt XT2000 limbs are different for different cams but A7 and A8 cams are exactly the same apart from 1.5" in draw length difference. i.e. if I have an Apex 7 with a...
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    Disabled Archery Classification

    Does anybody know where in hell* I can find a list of the different classes for disabled archers and what aids they are allowed to use to compete against 'able bodied' ** archers? The reason I am looking is because we have a newbie who is mildly inconvenienced by missing fingers. The newbie has...
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    Underwinding a compound to the minimum

    Ok, let me set the scene. At beginners today there was a lad of 15 who wants to shoot compound :cloud9:. While I was demonstrating my bow to him, and explaining all of the shiny bits, I could hear our 'chief' coach telling his mother that starting with a compound will cripple him and turn him...
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    Looking for Starline Sirius/Western limbs

    They look similar to trainer limbs. What are the dimensions?
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    "How To" library

    A question for Dave really. I've just posted a link for a useful article about stabilization weights and this made me look in the 'Downloads' tab. Are there any problems with uploading such articles from public domain sites, such as John Dudley's, and can you add a page so we can all contribute*...
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    Bow press for vantage elite

    Have you tried a Bowmaster press with the Mk1 split limb adapters The toggle ends are closer together than with the 2010 adapters. I use them to press my Apex8
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    Plastic launcher blade

    There was a guy selling 'plastic' blades for Trophy Takers at Andoba this weekend. Plastic = "Aerospace quality epoxy composite" He had a little demo rig to compare it to a steel blade and photos of one being bent double without damage. Both feel the same when flexing down, but the plastic...
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    Longrod flex and aiming

    At a shoot this weekend I was chatting to a top rank factory shooter about my Apex8. He said he was going to get one for the indoor season. Anyway, he pointed out how much my long rod flexes ( 30" cartel carbon with 10.5 ounces on the end) and that a totally stiff longrod, like his Doinker...
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    Apex 7 and 8 cam swap?

    Hi folks I have been setting up and tuning my new Apex 8 and was thinking it would be nice to be able to get a bit more speed out of it to improve my sight marks. I have the sight pulled in to 1 inch from the riser for 90m to avoid hitting the scope. This is with a 30.5" draw length, 29" ACGs...