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  • Hello sorry only just got this message as I have not been on here a while!! I know we have missed Dearne but what is it that you are after?? I have an official publication from Fita that outlines such things as distance judging etc if you send me your e mail address I will send it to you. Hope this is what you where after. Chelle.
    ?450 for the lot was what i was after plus about 30 for p&p acording to post office.
    its worth alot more the arrows and limbs alone would be ?500 to replace so realistically the handle and all the other bits are free. Like i say serious willing to go to ?450 inc p&p but no less
    The whole Riser was bought start of 2007 its a 2006 model, it has the usual marks in the limb pockets where the limbs slide in other than that flawless. The Limbs are same age but as stated used with less and less frequency in that time again usual pocket marks on limb bases. would be happy to deliver to Ireland is it southern or northern? obviously it depends on courier/postal service costs you're willing to pay. As the bow hasn't left its bag since August and you're the first person to show interest yes it is still for sale.
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