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    Gillo GT Riser 2019

    Let’s just wait and see what happens with a 29” riser and short limbs 😂 Thanks for your input, appreciate your thoughts
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    Gillo GT Riser 2019

    I have a GT 27" on order, unfortunately Vittorio loves to make us wait so its around a 3 month back order by the time it arrives :) I have been shooting a 27" G1 for some time along with Long Uukha Limbs @46lbs. I only have a 28.5" draw so in no way do I need a 72" bow for draw-length reasons...
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    Has anyone played with the new Easton RX7 yet? With big feathers?

    I must have been sold a dodgy pack, I had to put mine on a micrometer and found that from front to rear the taper was 0.19mm, seriously felt like I had been miss-sold :(