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    How much weight?

    Hi there, I'm curious as to how much weight folks are adding to their long rods / twins... I just got a new SF ultimate 30" long rod, 10" twins and v-bar. I ordered 7 extra weights (0.8oz each) so that I could play around with them a bit, and found myself putting all of them on and wanting...
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    SF Elite or Elite+ limbs?

    Hi, I?ve been using some SF Premium fibre / wood limbs for a while and as I need to go up in weight thought I would upgrade to something a little better at the same time. I had decided on the SF Elite carbon / foam limbs, which I can get for ?135, but then found that I could get the Elite+ for...
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    Distance with a Mongolian (or other horse bow)

    Hi, I'm interested in getting a Mongolian or other horse bow. I would probably be looking at something fairly light - around 35# to 40# - so with wood arrows, I was wondering what sort of distances are practical with such bows. Would appreciate any ideas as to what can be acheived. thanks, JV
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    Dissapointed with anodising on SF riser and sight :(

    Hi, So, put my new SF forged+ riser together for the first time, along with the SF premium carbon sight... Everything seems ok so far, but I cannot understand how the colours of two supposed red parts can be so different - the riser is proper red, the sight rather pink. Not a happy clash of...
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    Riser New SF Forged + - no manual - seriously???

    Hi, I've just received my new riser - SF Forged+ - but there was no manual. I called the supplier who said there is no manual... Can this be true? Anyone know where I can find one??? cheers, JV
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    SF wood grip?

    Hi, I've just bought a SF forged plus riser. I noticed that the SF catalogue shows an optional wood grip for this riser; I rather fancy one, but can't seem to find it anywhere - could anyone please advise where I could get one from??? thanks, JV