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  • Hi Joe, have you still got a way to download a copy of your ClubRecs, all of the links i can find are dead.
    Thanks Brian.
    Hi Joe, I have taken over as records Officer from Steve at Wrexham Bowmen, but have a problem in that I have a new computer running Windows 7 but when I tried to install the club records software I get a message that it is incompatible.
    Do you have an (x86) or 64 bit version of the program or do you know how to make it run in a 64 bit environment.
    I like the program and after manually typing in all the classification and handicap data I am very reluctant to change, but also don't like the idea of having to keep an old pc just to run the program.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    best regards,
    Graham Dawson
    email [email protected]

    I understand you have adapted the ClubRecs program to take account of the new Junior Lady age groups

    Could I trouble you for the update?

    Thanks in advance

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