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  • Hello John,was wondering what length string and brace ht you ended up with? I have a 21" Bernardini Cobra and HEX7 med limbs,I'm thinking string should end up around 63 1/4" +or-

    Thanks Terry

    I noticed in an older post that you had a R/H Blue Nilo for sale at one time. I'm currently looking for a barebow riser myself for field and 3D. I've recently purchased a TradTech Titan II paired with a set of Border HEX 5H (longs) 48#/28" for hunting when I return to the US and a set of Border CXB (longs) 44#/28" from Sid during his closeout sale. The CXB limbs do not have a home and I'm interested in setting doing more field and 3D shooting so was considering setting these up on another riser. I have read many of your posts and have garnered a lot from your advice to others.

    I am 6' 3" with a 30" draw. I'm sure as I work on my form I may gain another .25 to .5 inch. I know you shot a lot of Olympic style setups and I'm just inquiring about whether you still have the above riser for sale and any other advice you may be able to share with me about risers and such. You can contact me at [email protected]


    RAF Lakenheath
    Hi Alice. Work's busy and the shoulder's doing well. I might even be shooting again by Christmas :) Hope to see you then.
    Job's great thanks Jason. Unfortunately I haven't shot since early July. I've hurt my right shoulder and am having physio treatment.

    Hope all is well with you :)
    Not bad thanks Jason. Starting my new job soon so I'll have less time to shoot, but more money to spend on archery :) How about you?
    Hi Chris

    Good to meet you too. Yes, I did enjoy my visit. I was still in Malvern when we were assessing the dome for its suitability as a shooting hall, but Friday was the first time I've actually shot there. Slightly weird, but fun :)


    Hi John,
    Good to meet you last night - hope you enjoyed your return to Malvern.
    Hi Sarah :)

    Always a pleasure to put a face to an internet board name, and glad to have given you a boost. Too many people are so negative about either their performance or the shooting of others, so I try to do my best in the other direction. :)

    Hope we get to shoot together on the line some time. I'm hoping to go to the Evesham 70m shoot in May so maybe see you there... although it does all depend on whether I can find another job or not. I'm currently a victim of the credit crunch. :-/

    Anyway, all the best and good shooting :)

    Hey JohnK
    Was good to meet you on Sunday, thanks for the chat at the end. Felt like I had shot good arrows after talking to you even if the score wasn't great!
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