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    X10 are so weak but also mentions problems with 140grain points on x10s
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    X10 are so weak

    Yehhh... there is definitely a trend to shoot with heavier and heavier piles outdoors these days, often beyond the manufacturer recommended weight.
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    X10 are so weak

    Sure, probably a couple of seasons at 1000/week. But lots of people have flagged the issue and why tungsten points are used. I've seen lots of broken X10s but always in straw and not foam. My thought is that there are two outcomes for an arrow hitting the target. The first is that it penetrates...
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    "Beat The Virus" Online Leagues

    One problem with scaling down faces for distance is at very close range you need perfect bow setup or will will not get the same arrow movement from shot to shot. At longer ranges the arrow has time to settle out. Just shot a WA40cm face scaled to 3m for 5.5mm dia arrows. Shot six arrows barebow...
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    X10 are so weak

    Okay..... this may seem really untactful and I really, really don't mean it to be but..... 'hitting the frame'? I assume this is long distance, ie 90m. I guess what I am really trying to say is, well, is your shooting up to the standard that would get the most out of x10s? I know it sounds...
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    Cheapish training limbs

    I bought some discounted Mybo Synergy Air limbs a few weeks back. The aim was to shoot shorter limbs indoors, and by that I mean on my landing. My 68 limbs put small holes in the ceiling :( but I shot them for the first time today, on the landing, 160 arrows and no holes in the ceiling :) They...
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    Should all club activities be cancelled?

    I think police enforcement should curtail pretty much anything now, insurance or no insurance.
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    Serving Materials Too Slick on Tab

    The biggest issue I had with slipping tab was because I set my hook but never drew the string enough to put the necessary pressure on the serving prior lifting the bow to the draw. The problem was worse with halo but now shoot Angel and I never get any slip even when string walking a couple of...
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    European Indoor Archery Championships 2020

    Oh gosh, I didn't mean that I wish people ill. I only mean I don't have time for these people any more. Just that I wish they would think about what they are doing.
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    European Indoor Archery Championships 2020

    To be honest if all that attened are dead within the next 10 weeks I don't really care any more. I care about the elderly in my road that need shopping and medication. They need people to help them. Those people helping will almost certainly pass on the virus at some point. It is inevitable. And...
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    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    My first thought is that's a lot of windows. My second thought is how will you get there without making an unnecessary journey?
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    Should all club activities be cancelled?

    Absolutely. I just don't understand people. It is nothing to do with insurance. Why do they still need to go shooting? I was planning to distance my wife and myself for 12 weeks but I can't. I have had three neighbors ask me to get shopping for them because they are in their eighties and can't...
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    Should all club activities be cancelled?

    I think that misses the point. Surely it must be right that we reduce any possibility of transmission, even small possibilities like shooting outside, and giving a good example to other sports, rather than just one person needing an ICU bed and ventilator and it not being there. Not shooting for...
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    Should all club activities be cancelled?

    I think if people continue to make unnecessary journeys, for whatever reason, and I really don't think archery is a good reason now the prospect of the next few month becomes clearer, the government will use the force of the law to stop them, as was needed in France. People will tend to put...
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    Are you still booking in to tournaments?

    Except for pulling and collecting arrows, and the constant face contact at anchor may be an issue I would want to consider. However, my guess will be availability of judges, whom, in my experience, tend to be towards the at risk age groups, but this may be an inaccurate assupmtion generally.