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    For the sake of this site: Would a KG Osprey be considered... - a recurve? - a field bow? - a flat bow? - a traditional bow? or any variation of the above? :confused:
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    Spigarelli Carbon 30 sight

    5 out of 5 rating for Spigarelli Carbon 30 sight The Spigarelli Carbon 30 is one of the types of recurve sight where the main body screws to the riser with two allen screws, the sight rod is carbon with the sight body sliding on the end. This minimises weight away from the bow, keeping the...
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    Spigarelli Carbon 30 sight

    Product information... View for more details
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    I haven't found this on the forum, so may I ask, has anyone any experience of this sight, and would be happy to share their thoughts??
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    KG Phoenix.......

    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this? It looks gorgeous, and is being sold complete...I presume one is limited to KG's own wood limbs...? I don't know. It looks just fabulous, and I'd love one on that alone!!
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    sorry to be so self indulgent.....

    ....but I've just put 40% of my 1/2 doz ends in the gold at 80x. That, to me, is a big deal........:-)
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    which arrow?

    My apologies, for I'm sure this has been asked many times before, somewhere...... I am currently using 620 spine ACC arrows quite happily. In a quest for ever more arrow speed, and the belief that "this is a good thing", I am considering some ACE arrows, again 620 spine. Does this idea make...
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    Is this the page to ask about quivers...? Re I the only one wondering why there is a plethora of forward facing hip quivers that get in the way of everything and everyone? Getting fed up with mine, and would have been nice to find a reverse one that would hang from my SF belt...
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    Please advise which, if any, forum would be appropriate for longbow matters? Many thanks!
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    My house has many rooms.......

    :dizzy:........but it seems the various governing bodies don't or won't recognise the fact that archery is a growing sport with diverse interests within the "archery" umbrella. A consequence of this is that those who wish to practice both target and field many in our club...
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    Education sought on buttons

    I have recently started shooting with a button, as kindly supplied and fitted by my local shop, and its been great. However, I am noticing wear on the nylon? plunger where it touches the arrow, into a concave shape. As it is wearing, how then is a constant pressure, and more significantly...
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    Learning to shoot left handed

    Has anyone out there in the ether had to relearn to shoot left handed (or left to right...) Any elder fogies experiences would be appreciated by this fogie......