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    Gold finish bolts

    Yup. Gold metric bolts in abundance. Car and motorbike custom places do them no problem. Even some titanium ones at eye watering prices but no SAE / UNF.
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    Gold finish bolts

    My google skills are proving lacking. Does anyone have any idea where I can source either a gold plated or titanium nitrided 5/16-24 x 3/4 domed hex screw? I’m looking for a couple, one as an arrow rest bolt and the other to fix a sling to the stabilizer mount on a barebow.
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    Which fletching for indoors and why?

    Well, coriolis effect does have an effect in long distance ballistics as does the direction of fire but really only really on trajectory; it’s effect on the spin of a round is non-existent compared to initial rifling spin. Technically, it’s always there for any projectile but is so insignificant...
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    Compound Bow 37 or 40 ATA bow?

    I currently shoot recurve (sorry) but fancy getting into compound. I notice that the bows seem to be available in a plethora of sizes with no real indication of why you should choose one over the other. Is it a height based thing or just personal preference? I watched a review on Lancaster...
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    Hi, I noticed the SHOP tab in the menu. Do you need to be a paying member to access it?