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    [Crossbow] It's that or give up archery!

    Long time no see (for those of you who still remember me)! OK, it goes like this... I've shot recurve to county team level & played with compound, horsebow & longbow for field shooting. I've been shooting for 20ish years. Now my shoulders have had it (one's been repaired already). The reason...
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    Paracord Pocket sized training device (picture heavy tutorial)

    Hopefully this is of use to someone. (You could probably use sash cord if you have that instead) First off you'll need about 3 draw lengths worth of paracord. Find a point about 1/3 of the way along & lay the cord out like this: (This is going to be the handle/grip) Move the ends of the...
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    My Newly painted limbs & a question about cases

    I've had these back for a while now, but haven't had time to show them off: You'll note the rather pleasing fades from red to black along the bow, which wasn't easy to match paint for, given that the centre of the Matrix riser is anodized. Now the question: given the recurves on the HexV...
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    Pressure Button Wrong button pressure

    Granted, there are several schools of thought as to how to choose a button pressure/spring tension but... If your button pressure were to be set wrong what would be least disadvantageous to your groups
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    Cheap Slow(ish) motion video

    Short version: Your PAL video camera records 25fps, but with a bit of processing you can extract a video running at 48% of the original speed, using the temporal data you have captured. OK, so it's not thousands of fps & the are some artefacts in fast moving objects. On the other hand if you...
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    FullMonte V2

    After being reminded about it, I've started on FullMonte version 2. It needs .NET 2+ & as of this post it's in alpha version only. You can get the zip file (under 200k) from here The more feedback I get the more likely it is that I finish the job to everyone's satisfaction. Bug reports direct to...
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    Club rituals

    As the last end of the night we have a single arrow, closest to the middle takes it, shoot off (no prize except bragging rights). I've seen a similar thing mentioned using the archer at the bottom of the Worcester face (in the photos thread). What rituals do you have at your club?
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    Tuning... heave!

    Decided that since I've got some things to play with (technique & the usual kit evolution) that I'd take advantage of the club's indoor session to start tuning. 3 fletched 9 bare shafts. Right I'll try that nock tuning. Well, that demonstrates that the nocking point height is OK & that the bare...
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    Bare shafts

    OK, I know that you just don't shoot bare shafts to tune a compound... but: Does the relation of the bare shaft to the fletched have any information in it? Why are bare shafts of so little use in compound (accepting that the limitations from recurve are likely still valid)?
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    In a fit of .... well I don't know what... last week I set off for the club without my sight. I had everything else, including my collection of spare bits of useful stuff. It's only 20 yards - I'll make do & hang the laughter... so I did. Now you know how to do it, all it takes is a broken...
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    Exeter LemonGrove yesterday. What a nice trio of blokes! We largely had the contents of the album (no bad thing in itself), although there were a couple of tracks that I'd not heard before. That included an encore rendition of Postman Pat in Norwegian, complete with a rotation of the band...
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    Bicton - Field Archery

    Took middle & small to Bicton today. Barring the 10 minute rain shower the weather was pretty good. Started, as usual, with the last post & silence. I was fairly happy with my first few targets, but slipped from there. Mostly that is a practice/ranging/technique problem, but the rest on the bow...
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    39# - half a turn = 39# ??

    Lovely day for getting outside, but I felt that I had to bite the bullet & tune the bow for indoors with the short ACEs. Was a little surprised to see that they weren't far off, until I remembered the length is taken from the back & the piles are 20Gr lighter than the outdoor ones. Took half a...
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    Go away & don't come back

    Well, that's not exactly what my physio said but she & I have agreed to stop seeing each other regularly. I think it was the video of me topless showing off my manly muscles by drawing a bow.:innocent: Yup, keeping my bow shoulder down through the first part of the motion when I lift my arm up...
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    Field Shooting

    Somewhat depleted by the broken finger & homework (!?) there were only 2 of us at Ashcombe today. Had an interesting time. Good company (OB included) & middle one having a blinder of a first half of the course. We got about 10 targets in & realised that the rest on my compound was very loose &...