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  • Sorry I've taken so long to reply. Tis a part of the forum I rarely look in. Anyway, not bad I discovered that if I rotate my bowhand a little so my forearm is away from the bow, I (surprise, surprise) get less or no stringslap and the arrow flies straighter. Scores looking slightly better. How goes it with you, are you coming to the Ironman?
    hi how u doing i getting bore being off lossing power in legs 70 per cent of time dont know what will happen maybe para falkirk/ scotland squad see u jim
    I'm doing good. I've got an interview for Mary Munro's old job :D

    You doing the Scottish Champs?
    It was roasting in the mid afternoon in Stirling - we could have done with a water fight too :)
    Cheers, I honestly didn't think I'd won. I shot like a muppet at 90m and spent the rest of the day clawing it back.
    Shoot the 737 and just play tomorrow. It'll be a fun day out for us all. Chris's shooting the Ladies FITA (ahem I mean Metric I).
    Yep, just about packed and ready to go. No doubt I've forgotten something. Only got six fletched arrows so I'd better remember to bring some spinwings :p. I'll just go check my kit :D
    I only work when I feel like it :p. Can't go ice skating this week, maybe next. Or maybe I should say Kateri can go ice skating and I'll sit in the bar :D
    My longbow came today can't wait till shoulder gets better and i can shoot it. It a bickerstaffe bow 26" draw 45lbs made of Hickory, purpleheart, lemonwood and greenheart. need to go and make some arrows now.
    The bow comes with a double looped fastflight string. I've never shot a clout either, but Alan Walker should be able to help you out. He's in your club isn't he, or is he Bannockburn? Shooting at an angle - do you mean canting the bow? I think that's just to keep the arrow on the hand, I don't see the need, but I'm no expert.What's the draw weight on your recurve?
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