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    AAE KSL Gold Tab Sizes?

    Hello archers, After shooting over thousand arrows with tab I was given at the start of my begginers course I decided for serious upgrade. Initialy I thought of the Hockeii tab, but then I found about KSL tab. Well, I like its looks adjustability and everything else :) Unfortunately I happen to...
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    Hoyt Horizont Pro pricey embellishment?

    Hi On my quest for intermediate riser I found SF forged+ which is suposed to be great performer for the price and I almost bought that beast. After new year I came across Hoyt Horizont Pro and fell in love with it. I did some research to see if my love is not just about looks. Then I found...
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    SF Forged+ or Samick Athlete?

    Hi everyone. I am about to finish my beginners course this evening and go ahead with joining the club. I am deciding about my first bow for quite few weeks already. I am not too worried about the limbs at this stage but riser is another thing. I am thinking of riser that could grow with me at...