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  • Hi mark, the link wasn't quite right but should be fixed now if you try again...
    Thanks Mark, hopefully on Sunday if the weather is kind. Wondering if a York will be harder though, it's a lot of arrows at a 100 yards 1065 seems a lot!
    Hi Dean no I haven't entered the Wicken Stafford but have been picked to shoot for Bucks against Oxford. Hope I can keep up the standard of shooting, portsmouth on Sunday 582 but only one red that was a deflection & cost a nock. Trying to control the release more. I think I would benifit from a lower elbow but not going to change anything just yet.
    Hi Mark, It's was a good shoot. Did ok, shot 544 & 532 but shot with a low elbow so wasn't totally comfortable. Did you say you were doing Wicken in a few weeks time?
    Hi Simon now that is interesting I think there is a meeting on Monday so I will put the idea to them then. Any idea how much you will want for it?
    Hi Mark,

    you may notice I'm selling my arrow saw.

    I just thought, maybe Newport Pagnell might want to purchase it for the club?

    If I was still on the committee etc. I would be pushing for this (through Simon B.). Maybe you could float the idea? I know some people are reluctant to spend money (be it their own or the clubs!!) but as you know, it's a good thing to own and for a club I'd say it's a good purchase.

    No shooting at Ousdale this Friday as its half term just in case plans change. May go to Millmead Sat morning I have missed quite a few of Ron's sessions due to work so need to catch up.
    See you on Sunday Simon.
    Good news. Keep it all ticking over for Sunday - no pressure, just shoot the way you know you can.

    See you there (I'm out Friday evening so won't make Ousedale).

    Hi Dean sorry but I am working today so wont be able to shoot tonite. May be abke to get to Simpson Friday but not untill 7 pm ish
    Hi Mark, are you shooting this evening? I'm planning on getting to simpson around 5:30ish.
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