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    Tuning advice please

    And so I think I have come to a conclusion; I bought these limbs as a gateway back into archery and because I didn't want to go straight back to the 68" 28lbs I had before, I reckon I was drawing those to about 32-33lbs with my draw length (it was a long time ago). I think I'm going to get...
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    Tuning advice please

    Thanks everyone The more I think about it, and I've thought about it a lot! I think these arrows are over spine, I bought new lighter limbs which are not only 4lbs lighter but 2" longer. I suspect my original arrows were upper end of their table for the old setup as I was new, they are now...
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    Tuning advice please

    Hi everyone I'm seeking a little advice re: bow tuning I've watched a few YouTube videos and from what I can glean my sight should sit pretty much above my arrow. Mine seems to be quite a long way to the left of the arrow. I've strung my bow, propped it up and and taken a few steps back and...
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    Reverse calculating arrow spine

    Hello First question here for about 10 years My daughter has started archery and I picked up a kit from Ebay for her, the bow and limbs aren't right for her, neither are the arrows but I found them quite interesting (but the bag and other bits are great for the price I got them for). Its a...
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    Do longer limbs stack less?

    Just a thought, I'm currently shooting 30 3/4" arrows and when I went to the shop for my first bow they told me that I'd be fine shooting a 68 or 70" limb but suggested some Samick Foam limbs at 68" which I tried and liked. These are 28lbs limbs which I am pulling to 33lbs with my draw...
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    Problem with the merchandise section

    I'd like to place an order and everything work until its time to pay and then I get a Paypal error page which just says 'click to retry', I've tried logging in before hand but it seems that either there is a problem at Paypal or the script that takes the user to Paypal her an error in it? :(...
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    First step on a very tall ladder

    What a nice sunny day in Kent. We took to the field at 11 for 'sighters' after a leisurely set up and preceded to shoot an Albion/ Windsor round. I was shooting a Short Windsor which is a bit wussy for a senior male but I haven't shot 60yds yet and don't have a button on my bow yet. It was my...
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    Thread size for clicker

    Can anyone tell me the thread size for the clicker on a Winstar riser, please? Thanks in advance MB
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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Height

    Hi Everyone I wanted to get some info on if there are any advantages or disadvantages of being tall and having a long draw length when shooting. I'm 6'3" and pretty substantial weight wise and having been doing my beginners course. During the first week my coach had me using the second longest...